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Our business spirit aims to make everyone happy by introducing undiscovered wonderful products from around the world to Japan.

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We have been running a hotel with a Bali concept in the famous resort Karuizawa in Japan for 30 years. We also sell frozen foods of Balinese cuisine popular in our hotel.

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Balinese cuisine frozen food

CEO – Taeko Otsuki

Manager – Kazutaka Otsuki

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Let’s sell your unique and new products in Japan. Our team will mediate between your wonderful products and Japanese customers. Please contact us anytime.

Interpreter and Sales representative

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Interpreter and Sales representative.

eBay Certified Consultant

He has experienced in negotiations at trade shows in many countries.

Our Achievements


Makuake is the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan, which is made in 2013. More than 8,000 projects have been launched and the number of its members reaches 750 thousands! Why don’t you promote your product in this most major crowdfunding platform to boost your branding?


GREEN FUNDING is a crowdfunding platform owned by TSUTAYA group, which is the large Japanese enterprise. The average funding per project is 3.4million JPY. ( around 34,000 USD) If we promote products on this platform, they pick up all of the products on the renowned magazine of “Engadget JAPAN


CAMPFIRE is also the most largest crowdfunding platform in Japan, where over 25,000 projects have been launched. Campfire is open for the second crowdfunding project after the first project in another platform. We often promote products firstly on Makuake or GREENFUNDING and then do that on CAMPFIRE

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Taeko Otsuki


Kazutaka Otsuki

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Estivant International


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